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What are the benefits of aeration and over-seeding?

As summer winds down, it is time to plan your yard maintenance and special service needs. Often the terms aeration and over-seeding are tossed around, but do you really know the benefits of this service? Our team of professionals want to be sure our clients have the sharpest looking yards in the neighborhood, aeration and over-seeding is part of that process!

Some of the top benefits of aeration and over-seeding include:

✅Creates a healthy and lush appearing lawn ✅Reduces soil compaction ✅Allows water to reach the deep root zone ✅Fills in bare spots ✅Reduces thatch ✅Enhances seed germination

The best time to aerate is when your yard is not in a state of drought. The process is quick and will drastically improve the overall health of your yard.

Leave your lawn services and care to the professionals at Fight The Bite. We will analyze your lawn and create a unique lawn care plan that will make sure your lawn is beautiful and healthy. For more information on our aeration and over-seeding services, get in touch with us via phone or contact us online today.

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