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Irrigation and Backflow Testing

Spring has sprung! Spring means many things, the grass is turning greener, the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and the rain showers come and go... and it is time for backflow testing. Wait, what?! It is imperative during this time of the year that your irrigation systems should be tested to prevent backflow this spring and summer. At Fight the Bite Pest & Turf, we can assist you with all of your irrigation & backflow prevention needs.

What is Backflow? What causes it?

The City of Springfield defines backflow as, “a term used to describe a condition where water flows through a water line in the opposite direction from which it was intended to flow.”

Backflow can become hazardous when irrigation and backflow prevention systems go without testing. There are various causes of backflow, including a break in your backflow prevention assembly, the use of fire hydrants in your neighborhood, or by incorrect assembling of your pumps. This could cause water to flow back into your front yard and could potentially contaminate your water.


To prevent backflow from happening, you must install an approved backflow prevention system or have your current system tested before using it. This will protect you from possible contaminations.

Is Backflow Testing necessary?

YES! In fact, it’s the law! The Missouri Department of Natural Resources requires that all lawn irrigation systems must be tested and their backflow prevention assembly must be approved. The only time it is not necessary to have your backflow system tested is when you do not plan on using your system.

Fight the Bite’s Irrigation & Backflow Testing Services

At Fight the Bite, our employees are certified by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to conduct backflow testing for your irrigation systems, along with making repairs and making irrigation system adjustments.

Contact Fight The Bite for Backflow Testing

If you are looking for assistance for testing and preventing backflow this spring, look no further than Fight The Bite. We can assist you with all of your irrigation needs! For more information and the cost of backflow testing services, give us a call or contact us online today.

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