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Fall leaf clean up improves the health of your lawn

Fall leaves can pile up quickly. It is important to remove leaves from your yard and landscaping to maintain the overall health of your yard. Debris pile up can cause disease and fungi to form. The weight of the leaves also have a negative impact on your grass.

Leaves collect in corners and up against your home as well. Leaves in these areas can lead to mold and water issues, they can also create a nice space insects and other pests to get comfortable.

Leaf removal by a locally owned, professional team of lawn experts will have an instant impact on the appearance of your yard and long last effects on the health of the lawn.

For a free quote call (417)522-1242.

Contact Fight The Bite for Fall Leaf Removal

Leave your lawn services and care to the professionals at Fight The Bite. We will analyze your lawn and create a unique lawn care plan that will make sure your lawn is beautiful and healthy. For more information on our leaf removal services, get in touch with us via phone or contact us online today.

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